Course Numbering System

Course Numbers

Lower division (freshman and sophomore) courses are numbered 001-099 and cannot be used for credit in graduate or credential programs; upper division (junior and senior) courses are numbered 100-199; graduate courses are numbered 200-299.

Methods or professional courses given by or for other departments are allowed upper division credit are numbered 300-399 and doctoral courses are numbered 500-599. Courses in the NURS 574-597 series is a part of the joint Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) with CSU Fresno.

180, 184, 096, 196 and 296 Courses

Individual Studies (180) and Directed Reading (184) are used for independent study and are generally reserved for majors within a department. Normally, no more than four units of 180 and/or 184 may be taken for baccalaureate credit (see Unit Requirements). Courses numbered 96, 196 and 296 are offered to meet special demands for experimental courses on a temporary basis and are listed in the SJSU Schedule of Classes, but not in this catalog.

400-499 Continuing Education Units

Courses in the 400-series are especially designed for professional in-service and relicensure purposes. Continuing Education Units (CEU) are given for these courses. Courses are not applicable to degree programs and units earned do not affect grade point totals or average.

1000 No Degree Credit

Courses in the 1000-series do not earn credit toward any degree program. Examples: remedial courses and units devoted to thesis, project, or dissertation beyond minimum required units. (Effective May 30, 2016)