Disqualification - Academic

Undergraduate students on academic probation are subject to academic disqualification if their subsequent Fall or Spring term GPA falls below 2.0. Freshmen on Academic Probation are allowed a second consecutive semester of probation if their SJSU cumulative GPA is in the range 1.50 to 1.99.

An undergraduate student reinstated on probation must achieve a grade-point average of 2.0 or better each semester following reinstatement until such time as he/she has achieved a cumulative SJSU GPA of 2.00. A student who fails to do so will be disqualified again (even if this occurs prior to readmission)

Undergraduate students are eligible to repeat a limited number of courses with grades of "C-", "D+", "D", "D-", "F", "NC", "WU", or "IC" through SJSU's Open University. All work taken through Open University is included in the cumulative record and is considered in the determination of probation and disqualification. Graduate students should see the section on University Disqualification in the graduate portion of this catalog.

Disqualified students should also refer to the section on reinstatement.

Unless otherwise noted, postbaccalaureate (second baccalaureate) students follow the same policies and procedures as upper division undergraduates.

Academic disqualification policies were revised in University Policy S16-16 and are effective with the determination of Academic Standing at the end of the Fall or Spring semester.