Leaves of Absence

By University Policy S15-3, a formal leave of absence for undergraduate or graduate students in the first or subsequent semesters for medical, care-giving, military service, personal hardship, or educational reasons may be requested by submission of the fully signed and documented Leave of Absence Petition. Submission to the Registrar's Office (Window R at the Student Services Center) must precede the leave period except in the rarely granted cases of retroactive leaves. Leaves can be 1-4 semesters in length (with some exceptions). If a stop-out semester is taken prior to the formal leave, that semester counts in the 4-semester maximum period. Following the leave period, re-enrollment is required to avoid application for re-admission. An early return from leave must be accompanied by written notice to the Registrar's Office. Students granted a leave are guaranteed a return to their department even if it is or becomes a program restricting the number of applicants.

Freshmen entering the university in remedial status (UGRM) who have not cleared their remedial work are limited in their eligibility for leaves of absence. The Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs should be consulted in this regard.

Graduate students are eligible for all leaves of absence except when finished with all degree requirements other than their culminating experience (thesis, project, and/or comprehensive exam plus any other components required of the major). At that point, neither stopping out (voluntary absence for a semester) nor financial leaves are permissible.

Review University policy S15-3, for specific information regarding:

  • Categories of Leaves of Absence
  • The process
  • Leave Durations and Extensions
  • Retroactive Leaves of Absence
  • Exceptions