World Languages and Literatures


Connect with the world. Study abroad. Become multilingual. Deepen your understanding of other cultures. Read great works of literature. The Department of World Languages and Literatures helps students communicate effectively and thrive in a global context. Our programs are multifaceted, our faculty and students are multicultural, our curriculum is international.

We offer majors and minors in four of the most widely spoken languages in the world: Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, French, and Spanish, and an M.A. program in Spanish. We also offer language minors in International Business, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Latin American Studies, and a single subject teaching credential program in French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

We offer language and culture courses in Assyrian, Hebrew and Vietnamese, and classes in Greek and Latin. Our graduates work as teachers, executives, translators, interpreters, civil servants, journalists, and hold many other occupations in global business and finance.

Proficiency Examination

A proficiency examination in the language is required of candidates for a teaching credential and is a prerequisite for enrollment in any graduate course.