How to Apply

Use your full, legal name consistently on every application and every document you submit. This includes financial aid forms, transcripts and test scores. Avoid using nicknames as this will lead to delays in application processing and admission notification. If you allow another person to fill out the application, you are responsible for meeting all requests for information and deadlines. Also, be sure to have copies of all transcripts and test scores to reference during the application process.

Please note: SJSU will not be open for domestic Freshman and Transfer applicants for the Spring 2017 semester. We will open for Fall 2017 applicants on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

Application Fee Waiver

There is a $55 application fee to apply. California residents or AB540 applicants who face a financial hardship may be eligible for an application fee waiver. Applicants can indicate they would like a fee waiver during the application process for admission to SJSU.

Messages posted to your MySJSU student account are the main method of communication used by SJSU throughout the application process.

Apply to SJSU at calstate.edu/apply by Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Application Period: Saturday, October 1- Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (11:59 pm)


You will receive an application confirmation number: this is your receipt. Keep this number in a safe place; it is your proof that you submitted the application by the deadline.

EOP (Educational Opportunity Program for First Generation College Students)

EOP is designed for undergraduate students who are considered California residents or AB540 students with a history of low-income (as determined by the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application) and from an educationally disadvantaged background. Your parents/guardians cannot have earned a bachelor's degree in any country (siblings with a bachelor's degree are acceptable).

If you are interested and feel you meet this criteria, submit your completed EOP application via Cal State Apply with your admission application. See the "EOP" section for more details.

Look for an email with your SJSU ID

About a week after applying at Cal State Apply, you will receive an email with your nine-digit SJSU ID included. This nine-digit number will be your primary university identification throughout your career at SJSU. Make sure the spam filters on your email account are set to accept email from @sjsu.edu.

Set the password to access your MySJSU account (and your SJSUOne wireless account on campus)


Sign in to your MySJSU student account at http://my.sjsu.edu

Click on the blue "MySJSU Sign In" button and enter your nine-digit SJSU ID and the password you created in Step 3. Make sure your personal information is current-your email address is critical!

Check your MySJSU account frequently

Check your MySJSU account at least once a week for important and timely notices, such as admission, fees, financial aid, enrollment appointment, test, and transcript information and deadlines.

Meet all Deadlines

If you miss an SJSU deadline, we will withdraw your application for admission, and you will not be able to attend SJSU in Fall 2017. If you have an extreme hardship or unusual circumstance that may cause you to miss one of our deadlines, contact admissions@sjsu.edu immediately!