Early Start Program

To facilitate appropriate first year course placement, the CSU evaluates entering students for academic preparation in two areas: quantitative reasoning and written communication. The evaluation process takes into account several factors, including grade point average, completed high school coursework, transfer-level coursework, and scores on standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, CAASPP/EAP, and Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate examinations.

On the basis of this evaluation, some students who may benefit from additional academic preparation are required to participate in summer skill-building activities through the Early Start Program. This requirement may be satisfied through live or online Early Start courses offered by any CSU campus. Students with an Early Start requirement will receive information about the program, including specific course options, through MySJSU starting in the first week of May and continuing throughout the summer. Regular financial aid packages may not be applied to Early Start classes; however, fee waivers are automatically given to qualifying students. For more information, go to www.sjsu.edu/sfs/earlystart.

Students who need sign language interpreters or other accommodations should contact the Accessible Education Center (AEC) at (408) 924-6000 as soon as possible, or at least two weeks prior to the first day of Early Start classes. For more information about obtaining accommodations through the AEC, go to www.sjsu.edu/aec/prospective-aec-students/earlystart/.

Students who fall into one or more of the following categories are excused from the Early Start requirement, regardless of their academic record:

  1. Non-residents of California (See www.sjsu.edu/registrar/students/Residency/Residency_FAQ.html for information on residency.)
  2. International students (F-1 and J-1 visas only)
  3. Students admitted after August 1st

In addition, students who have a serious and compelling reason for not participating in the program may petition for an exception to the requirement. Exceptions are granted only when program participation is impossible or would lead to undue hardship. (Summer vacation plans are not be considered grounds for an exception.) The petition can be found at www.sjsu.edu/sfs/earlystart/. For a petition to be approved, documentation will be required.

Students who do not satisfy their Early Start requirement may be sanctioned as outlined in the SJSU Early Start Compliance section of the web site, which can be found at www.sjsu.edu/sfs/earlystart/compliance/index.html.