Credit by Exam (CBE) for Challenge Examinations

In accordance with Universlity Policies F15-5 and F15-11, academic credit may be earned through CBE for any department-approved 0-100 level course for which an equivalent CLEP exam is not available. Credit earned from CBE is non-transferable and awarded on a Credit/No Credit basis. It can only be used to clear SJSU requirements and assist with progress towards a degree at SJSU.CBE can be attempted only once per course, up to a maximum of 30 units. This 30 unit maximum also includes course credit earned through CLEP examinations.

If you are seeking Credit By Examination, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a currently matriculated student at SJSU.
  • You cannot be enrolled in the course, and have never received a grade (other than W) for the course or an equivalent course.
  • You can only use the course towards completion of degree requirements at SJSU.
  • You have never attempted CBE for the course before.
  • You have fewer than the maximum of 30 units allowed for CBE/CLEP credit.

Contact the Testing Office to request a petition form. Visit testing.sjsu.edu/CBE for more information.