Credit from Other Colleges and Universities

California Community Colleges will certify to The California State University those courses that are of baccalaureate level and therefore transferable for at least elective credit. Credits earned in accredited community colleges will be evaluated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in accordance with Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 40409: A maximum of 70 semester units earned in a community college may be applied toward the degree, with the following limitations:

(a) No upper division credit may be allowed for courses taken at a community college, though content equivalence to upper division courses may be approved so that lower division courses may be articulated for "content credit only."

(b) No credit may be allowed for professional courses in education taken at a community college, other than an introduction to education course.

Credits earned at a regionally accredited colleges will be evaluated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and advanced standing allowed on the basis of the evidence submitted. Credit toward the fulfillment of graduation requirements will be allowed only insofar as the courses satisfactorily completed meet the standards and the requirements of the basic course pattern of the college.

Credits earned at a non-accredited colleges may be accepted as a basis for advanced standing only to the extent that the applicant can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the university that a satisfactory degree of proficiency has been attained in the course in question.

For details on transferring graduate credits from other institutions, see the section on Transfer Credit in the Graduate Program.