Disqualification - Major

Each college, school, program and/or department has the option of employing a guideline for disqualification from the major. Those which opt to disqualify from the major must have published criteria for determining probation in the major, disqualification from the major, and reinstatement into the major. Such criteria may include individual course grades below "C" (2.0) or "CR", a major GPA below 2.0, or a university GPA below 2.0. Students disqualified under this guideline must be notified by the department, school or college when placed on probation in the major or disqualified by the major. Students disqualified from their majors are listed as Undeclared, and may do academic work to be reinstated to the major (if permitted by guideline), or change to another major for which they are qualified. Appeals may be submitted to the Academic Disqualification and Reinstatement Review Committee via the Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs.

Impacted degree programs are those most likely to have policies for disqualification in the major, but even non-impacted programs may have such policies. The Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs will maintain current information about disqualification in the major.

Disqualification - Graduate

See Graduate Information and Requirements