Extended Studies Scholastic Regulations

Disqualified students may enroll in Extended Studies programs; however, the university, in considering applications for readmission and reinstatement, does not accept 400-series course credit as evidence of qualification for reinstatement.

Students desiring to apply extension credit toward the requirements for any degree or teachers' credentials must secure approval from the department that is authorizing the reinstatement.

All students enrolling through Extended Studies must meet course prerequisites and are bound by all applicable university regulations given in this catalog, or in the most recent Winter Session or Open University schedule of classes. Information concerning tuition fees, admission and registration policies and procedures, withdrawal and refund policies, grading systems, academic standards and student advisement may be found in one or more of these publications. Regulations concerning the application of Extended Studies credit toward bachelor's degrees and toward residence credit in the university are given elsewhere in this catalog under Credit for Extended Studies.