Duplicate Credit - Inadmissible Repeats

Unless a course is designated "Repeatable for Credit" in the catalog, repeating a course in which a "C or better" was earned on the first attempt is not admissible. This restriction applies whether the first attempt was at another institution and the second attempt at SJSU, or the reverse. Articulation agreements determine if the course at another institution is considered equivalent to an SJSU course. See the course-to-course articulation information at http://artic.sjsu.edu/web-dbgen/artic/all-course-to-course.html.

If the "inadmissible repeat" (second attempt) is taken at SJSU before the transfer record from the first non-SJSU attempt is posted, the units and grade points will appear on the transcript and the grade will initially be calculated into the SJSU and All College grade point averages. Students should be aware that units completed and grade points cannot be earned for "inadmissible repeats" and will be removed at any time prior to graduation. The grade earned will be indicated on the student's record. Students should keep track of these units and not count them twice for graduation purposes.

This same restriction about duplicate credit applies to credit earned by AP, CLEP and IB exams. AP, CLEP and IB exams articulate to specific SJSU courses. See credit by exam articulation information at http://artic.sjsu.edu/static/policies/cbe.html. When an exam and a course duplicate credit, the exam credit shall be removed or reduced according to the amount of overlap (EO-1036).