Discontinuation from the University - Graduate

Students who fail to register for classes in two successive semesters, and thus stop out, are placed in a discontinued status that requires readmission to the university and program before being permitted to enroll again. This policy also applies to students who leave the university after having registered for classes but who do not officially withdraw or withdraw from all courses after the semester drop deadline. The courses will be assigned a grade of "WU" (denotes unauthorized drop or withdrawal). No personnel actions, grades, or transcript services will be permitted until all financial obligations, such as unpaid fines, have been settled. If the student fails to return the semester immediately following withdrawal, reapplication for admission will be necessary at www.calstate.edu/apply.

The exception to this policy is for students who file for a formal leave of absence. See the description of the options and regulations governing leaves in this catalog under Leave of Absence and Withdrawal.