Drug-Free Schools Statement

In accordance with the Drug-Free Workplace and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (P.L. 102-226) and the Presidential Directive (90-92), SJSU recognizes that the abuse of alcohol and other drugs is a threat to the health and welfare of the campus community and is not compatible with an environment where education takes place. Therefore, the following principles will serve as standards of conduct.

The unlawful manufacture, possession, distribution or use of a controlled substance is prohibited on campus. Violation of this standard may result in dismissal under the applicable regulations of the Title V and will be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

No individual below the age of 21 and no intoxicated individual may use, purchase or possess alcoholic beverages or they may be subject to the penalties imposed by local, state and federal laws.

SJSU recognizes that its policy on illicit drugs and alcohol meets the legal requirements of public laws 101-226, 100-440, 100-690 and the California Penal Code. For more explicit information on the policy and sanctions, contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Student Health Center.

SJSU's Commitment to Student Health and Safety

SJSU is sincerely concerned for the welfare of all members of its community. The university recognizes that college and university campuses may be particularly vulnerable to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Concern for the potential impairment of education and learning and the safety and good health of all members of the campus community, as well as the effective conduct of campus affairs, has led SJSU to issue this information.

This information was prepared to inform members of the campus community of the problems associated with alcohol and illicit drug abuse; to indicate sources of assistance for such problems; to emphasize standards of conduct desired of students, faculty and employees; and to note sanctions associated with infractions of these standards and other illegal acts related to abuse.

All colleges and universities that receive federal funds in any form are required to comply with Public Law 101-226. Partial compliance with this new law requires annual distribution of information to students and employees. This law, in addition to the Drug Free Workplace Act (Public Law 100-690) which requires applicants for federally funded grants and contracts (including certain forms of student financial aid) to certify that they will take affirmative steps to prohibit the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession and use of controlled substances in the workplace, establishes the legal requirements for SJSU.

A more complete compendium on Federal, State and Local laws is available at the following locations:

  • Vice President for Student Affairs, ADM 242
  • Human Resources, UPD
  • Wellness and Health Promotion Office, Student Wellness Center 101