Engineering, Charles W. Davidson College of

The College of Engineering offers ten engineering curricula leading to BS and MS degrees in aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, general, industrial and systems, materials, mechanical and software engineering. The college also has BS degree programs in aviation and industrial technology and a MS degree program in quality assurance . California provides, through community colleges, the California State University and the University of California, coordinated educational programs designed to meet local and statewide needs in engineering and technology.

Engineering Student Success Center

The goal of the Engineering Student Success Center is to mentor students from admission through graduation. The Center provides academic advising, support services, and opportunities for professional development and practice.

The MESA Engineering Program and the Women in Engineering Program work to increase the number of graduates entering the engineering profession from traditionally under-represented and economically disadvantaged groups. MEP actively recruits students, provides support services until graduation and acts as liaison with companies offering employment experiences. MEP assists students with admissions, academic and personal counseling, financial aid and scholarships, housing and registration. MEP maintains a study center for tutoring, workshops, individual and group study and social functions. A summer job placement program assists students in obtaining jobs in industry.

The Community for Engineering Learning and Living (CELL) is a themed living community offered by the University Housing Services for first year engineering students. CELL's objectives are to provide a cooperative learning environment, to encourage and build the engineering community and to foster a sense of belonging and responsibility to the community. Through facilitated study groups, CELL students will experience the academic support and cooperation of a community committed to academic success. CELL students will have regular access to faculty, advisors and industry professionals through workshops and programs. CELL is about shared experiences and creating a vibrant and caring engineering community.