Make sure you have working access to http://my.sjsu.edu

Make sure your browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari) will work at MySJSU.

For your convenience, computer access locations are available at these campus locations:

  • Clark Hall
  • King Library
  • Associated Students Computer Lab, Student Union
  • Lobby, Student Services Center
  • Peer Connections, Student Services Center
  • Campus wireless hotspots


  • Use your SJSUOne login information to sign into MySJSU. Your SJSU ID, also known as your Tower ID, is the number found on the front of your Tower Card.
  • Your ID can not be changed.
  • New students receive this information from Admissions Office communications.


  • You can set your password for the first time or reset it if you have forgotten it by navigating to http://my.sjsu.edu and clicking on the Set/Reset Password button.
  • When setting or changing your password, pay close attention to the case in which you enter the letters.
  • Remember, your password is cASe seNsiTIVE!
  • If you are having difficulty resetting your password, please contact ithelpdesk@sjsu.edu for assistance. Include your full name, SJSU ID if known, your date of birth, and your mailing address.

What to do if you can't log in?

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